Ranger Creek Brewing and Distillery has brewed a special lager with all of the flavors of San Antonio.

Co-founder and Operations Manager T.J. Miller said the San Antonio Lager is in celebration of San Antonio's tricentennial celebration and is being brewed for the people of S.A.

"Really to give a beer to San Antonio that's brewed right here in San Antonio," Miller said.

Ranger Creek's San Antonio Lager draws on the history of German brewing in the area to create a light, crisp taste people will love.

"There's a lot of German brewing heritage here in South Texas and so this beer wraps a lot of that into the brewing of it, in particular," Miller said.

The can design draws on the bright vibrant colors typically seen around San Antonio.

"I think also in the design, at least in the design of the can," Miller said. "If you are from San Antonio, you're gonna get that it is from San Antonio."

Miller said the beer is great for events or parties and is made to be taken out on the river.

You can find Ranger Creek's San Antonio Lager at your local H.E.B store.