The San Antonio Fire Department will be walking more than 2,000 firefighters through the gym building at Ingram Square where their SAFD brother, Scott Deem, was killed last month.

“This is a recovery phase for SAFD,” said SAFD Chief Charles Hood. “We are taking fire units and companies from all over the city. We’re hitting all four corners of the city.”

Although Chief Hood said this would offer some closure for the first responders, he still was not able to answer many questions that still linger after the devastating fire that shook the entire City of San Antonio.

Chief Hood did say that arson continued to investigate the fire scene but said he had no information to offer on what the cause of the fire and Firefighter Scott Deem’s death was.

“[We] can’t answer what the cause was. We don’t know,” said Chief Hood. “We can’t tell you when the information is going to come out.”

Chief Hood also eluded to the length of the conclusion of the investigation. And why he was not able to share specific dates, he expressed that we should not expect to hear anything anytime soon. “It is going to probably take more time than any of you are imagining.”

Chief Hood explained that his priority in sharing information on the cause of the fire would first go to the wives of the firefighters injured and killed in the fire. “The first person I will share this report with is Jennifer Deem. The next person is Tina Phipps.”

State Fire Marshals, ATF and NIOSH were all aiding in the investigation.