Protestors gathered outside Senators John Cornyn’s office to demand the release of an undocumented 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy.

Advocates for Rosa Maria chanted and expressed their frustrations during a rally Monday afternoon.

Rosa Maria Hernandez was detained last week by Border Patrol agents following her emergency gallbladder surgery. Agents followed the girl to the hospital after they determined she was illegal at the Laredo border patrol checkpoint while headed to a hospital in Corpus Christi.

Rosa Maria is being held at a detention center for migrants in San Antonio. She’s been at the facility for five days.

Many at the rally describe her detainment as a crime against humanity.

“She's going through surgery,” Irasema Cavazos said. “What mother does not want to hold her child during this time. This is outrageous."

Protestors are asking Senators John Cornyn to step up and take action.

“For morality, for humanity sake, for what is the right thing to do, ” Irasema Cavazos said. “This is not what America stands for and we need to hold our politicians accountable.”

The protestors were let into Senators John Cornyn’s office during the rally. The Senator wasn’t in his office, but advocates said they expressed their frustrations to office staff about Rosa Maria’s detainment and were promised that the message would get relayed to him.

“He is our senator, so he is one of 100 incredibly important people in this country who have the power to set Rosa Maria free,” Shannon Perez said.

Rosa Maria’s family attorney says Border Patrol officials have promised to speed up the process to release her from the detention facility, but it could still take at least two more weeks, if not longer, before she’s reunited with her family.

The attorney says as far as she knows Rosa Maria will be processed and a judge will ultimately decide if she can remain in the United States or will be deported.

We reached out to Senators John Cornyn’s office but he did not get back.