Monday was day one of federal judges deliberating Texas' district maps, drawing several people to rally outside the San Antonio Federal Courthouse.

Resident Robin Roberts said the lines currently dividing Texas' congressional districts don't make any sense.

"I see unbelievable configuration," Roberts said. "It's obvious, it's a blatant effort to take away people's vote."

Roberts joined the demonstration alongside several grassroots organizations, as three federal judges deliberated the political boundaries, drawn in 2010.

Back in March, it was ruled lawmakers gerrymandered some of the congressional districts. Now the protesters want change.

Selene Gomez, with grassroots organization Mi Familia Vota, said the districts don't represent the people.

"We want to see a map adopted that is truly representative of our demographic," Gomez said.

Gomez said current boundaries directly impact minorities.

"This is not allowing people of color to vote and elect people that are part of the community," Gomez said.

Roberts agreed.

"It should be fair and run along county lines," Roberts said, "there should be some other geographical configuration."

The judges are expected to deliberate through the end of the week.