TEXAS BORDER - President Donald Trump delivered his first address in a joint session of Congress, touching on a variety of issues like policy proposals that would affect residents along the border while also laying out a vision for the nation.

Looking to get an honest reaction from a border resident, the KENS 5 Border Team joined retired Citizen and Immigration Services officer Silver Trevino at his home in Harlingen, Texas to watch President Trump’s first address to Congress after taking office.

Trevino doesn’t always agree with President Trump, but last night, many of the President’s points resonated with him.

From national security and military spending, to efforts to dismantling the drug cartels, to helping military veterans, and bringing down the cost of healthcare.

“That’s number one right there,” he said.

One thing Trevino has learned throughout President Trump’s first month in office, is to expect the unexpected.

“I was expecting more controversial statements from him,” Trevino said. “But what I heard was him wanting to make America better, with the exception of a wall!”

That part was expected.

“We’re not very happy about that,” he said.

The Harlingen resident feels that many don’t understand the border. That the great majority of undocumented immigrants living here mean no harm and seek the low-paying jobs no one else wants.

It’s only because of a few bad apples, Trevino said, that this region gets a bad rap.

“Not everybody who came into the United States came in with intentions with violating the law,” he said.

Many may relate to Trevino, others may not. But to this Vietnam veteran, that doesn’t seem to matter.

Arguing who’s right or wrong leaves no room for compromise, Trevino said.

“If we work and accept everybody with love, the world would be a better place. There’s no doubt about it.”

At least that was the message he ultimately took from the most emotional moment last night, when a military widow was honored by everyone in that chamber of congress.

“It seems like everybody is standing up that’s good, that’s respect,” Trevino said.

The President’s address has given Trevino, at the very least, some hope that better things will come from President Trump. However like many on the border, he remains skeptical about how the President will achieve his ambitious agenda.