The Powerball frenzy continues to grow!

Wednesday night's estimated jackpot sits at $430 million dollars, with more tickets being sold by the hour.

The last time somebody won Powerball was back on June 10. That's 18 times without a winner and it has been growing ever since.

Most winners get a big check, but what if you wanted your winnings in stacks of one dollar bills?

If you stacked those ones, how many Towers of the Americas would you need to top that height? You'd need 205 of them!

How many miles in one dollar bills would that be? You'd hit over 29 miles! That's enough to walk the Riverwalk four times over! It could also line I-10 from downtown San Antonio clear up to Boerne!

Last year on January 2, the Powerball jackpot was worth $355 million. Nobody won it, so four days later it was up to $524 million. With no winner that pushed the jackpot to $949 million, until it was finally won January 13 at a record $1.6 billion.

So if nobody wins in the next three drawings, next Saturday would likely top that.