Amanda Kinnan came home from a work trip looking for a package she ordered for holiday gifts and instead found something not quite as cheery.

"I had a work trip to Houston for three days, came home and realized that a package that I had seen delivered on I think Friday...the package was no longer there," she said.

This surveillance video from her security system shows a young man on her porch at 1:30 Saturday morning looking under the doormat, into the windows of her home and through her holiday decorations on the porch table.

"There are 12 minutes of a man, a young man, here trying to find a way to enter my home looking for hide-a-keys," she said.

Fortunately, the suspect didn't get into her home. She later found the empty Amazon box and her mail ripped up. Kinnan posted the pictures in a few New Braunfels moms Facebook groups and found out that she wasn't the only one this happened to.

"We live in Texas, people are armed and it's going to be sad when one of them is doing this kind of thing and gets shot and it would have happened had I been here because it totally freaked me out," she said.

As a mom of three young kids, she says the safety of her home and family are her top concern.

"It shook me...our floodlights have motion sensors which did come on and it didn't rattle him at all. He obviously knew that there was no one here and had been watching to make sure that no one was here," she said.

Kinnan has notified New Braunfels police. They are looking for the suspect.