SAN ANTONIO -- The Elvira Cisneros Senior Center was packed with competitors and spectators alike Tuesday afternoon.

Pool sharks from the Dorris Griffin Senior Center were trying to take back the trophy that the Cisneros Center team had won earlier this year.

"We got to keep it here, we don't want it to go away," Estella M. Salinas said.

She's on the Cisneros team and she's only been playing pool for about a year.

"Sometimes I go crazy hitting the ball too hard," she said. "But I'm learning."

Experience levels varied from longtime players to novices like Salinas. While everyone had their eye on that trophy, the tournament was really about having fun.

Just take the Cisneros Center's team name for example.

"Jalapeno Hotties, because we are hot to trot," Irma Gonzales said.

She's been on the team since it started three years ago.

"We enjoy playing, it keeps us busy and we learn to know each other as we're playing. That's why we all became a group," she said.

The Jalapeno Hotties ended up keeping the trophy, defeating the Griffin Center's Dynamic Diamonds in 18 rounds.