SAN ANTONIO -- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are also locked in a tight race when it comes to Halloween costumes this year.

This Halloween is becoming so political it’s scary.

Manager of Party City Erik Reynolds said while both Trump and Clinton masks are popular, he's noticed that Hillary is taking the lead at their location on 410 and Summit Parkway.

But the costume doesn't necessarily mean that's who you’re voting for.

For example, local attorney Steve Haynes proudly supports Hillary Clinton and voted for her, but this weekend he chose to dress up as Donald Trump and his wife dressed as Melania.

"We were initially going as Trump and Hillary," he said. "I'm definitely not voting for Trump and 90 percent of the people at the Bob and Michelle Young party said they were voting for me," he joked.

Celebrities like Katy Perry were unrecognizable as Clinton and one kid chose to dress up as just Trump's hair.

Over the past 20 years, The "Mask Index Poll" by Spirit Halloween stores has predicted every winner based on the top selling candidates mask.

This year, the index has Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton 55 to 45 percent.