SAN ANTONIO - Christmas has come and gone, but what's lef are the boxes from Christmas gifts, may still linger around by the trash bin.

Police said leaving boxes at the curb can make you a target for thieves. Sgt. Homero Balderas with the Cibolo Police Department said the trash gives insight into what expensive new gifts are in homes.

That's appealing to thieves.

"It's just a calling card, saying here's something to notice," Balderas said.

The police department is noticing so much trash, it posted a warning on Facebook. Balderas said Amazon boxes can lure in criminals.

"In an Amazon box, you don't know what it is. The criminal doesn't know that either," Balderas said. "He or she is hoping for the most valuable item that they can get their hands on."

Balderas suggests cutting up each box before placing it out in the trash. Though time consuming, it can prevent thieves from making you their target.

"If the boxes are not taking up too much room in the garage, break it up into two or three weeks worth of garbage pickup," he said. "You don't have to get out everything all at once."

Balderas also said to be careful when posting to social media. A public post about a new, expensive gift can also make thieves head your way.