A San Antonio man is now facing kidnapping charges after police say he tried to lure a child into his truck near a school. Parents of De Zavala Elementary students are on alert and feeling uneasy.

Sarah Martinez said she is a very cautious parent and is even more now. The school sent out a letter to all parents notifying them about the scare that happened near the school on the morning of December 8.

"It does scare me, but I am one of those parents that I always drop off my kids to the door," she said.

According to police, 52-year-old Woodrow Williams drove up next to a young girl walking to school and told her to get inside his truck. Another parent noticed the exchange and yelled at the girl, and Williams drove away. Police caught up with him a short time later. Williams denied the incident, but he was still taken to jail.

When police searched Williams' vehicle, they found a handgun underneath the front of his driver's seat, and a box with cocaine under the back seat.

"I think each parent should be aware of this, and I am glad that they caught him because it is very scary to know that," one grandmother said.

Police said Williams later did admit he stopped by the school but only to ask for directions because he was lost. He faces charges including kidnapping, unlawful use of a weapon, possession of controlled substance less than 1 gram, and possession of controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a drug-free zone.

His arraignment is set for January 2nd.