A Floresville police officer was one of two victims injured in a knife attack at a San Antonio Walmart.

The identity of the suspect, a 24-year old Hispanic female, was not made known by the San Antonio Police Department. Police say she had “collected some merchandise” and was walking towards the register.

As she walked past Rebecca Escobedo, she pulled out a fixed blade knife and slashed her along the jawline. Police say they have no reason to believe Escobedo said anything to the suspect to provoke the attack.

According to police, a witness contacted the police officer, who was working off-duty security at the Walmart on 1604 Vance Jackson. The officer approached the suspect, who cut him on the back of his head.

The suspect and the officer continued to struggle, during which the officer sustained a penetrating wound under his chin. Eventually, with the help of a store patron, police say the officer was able to disarm the suspect.

The suspect was arrested on two counts of aggravated assaults. The first victim was treated at a clinic for minor injuries. The officer was transported by EMS to University Hospital.