NEW BRAUNFELS -- A 16-year-old boy is facing criminal charges after New Braunfels Police said he made a threat against two classmates.

"A threat is a threat and there could be criminal charges like on this scale," said Public Information Officer David Ferguson.

The New Braunfels High School 16-year-old is accused of writing a threat inside a boys’ bathroom, targeting two girls.

"He is facing a third-degree felony, more than likely a charge of a terrorist threat," he said.

Ferguson said the threat was made last week.

"With the help of the school, we were able to identify who this suspect is," Ferguson added.

On Monday and Tuesday News Braunfels ISD sent out a letter to parents letting them know about the situation and updating them that they identified the teenager.

They said the safety of their students is a top priority.

The student in not allowed on campus.

"Before the day he will be detained and processed and take to the Guadalupe county Juvenile Detention Center," Ferguson said.

He said parents need to let their kids know, this behavior is not tolerated and that this can have real consequences.

NBPD said the parents of this student are cooperating. And for the perspective of the seriousness here, adults facing similar charges face two to ten years in prison.