SAN ANTONIO-It's a week since three-year-old Rene Blancas Jr. was shot and killed

while riding in the backseat of a car with his family.

Police released a sketch of the suspect, hoping the community can help identify his killer. Meanwhile, a memorial is growing at the intersection where he died.

Gabrielle Gonzalez works across the street from where the shooting happened.

"It's sad it happened so close, poor baby," she said.

Teddy bears and candles now adorn the corner of New Laredo Highway and Briggs Street where 3-year-old Rene was shot and killed.

Late Saturday evening, the family approached a stop sign at the intersection. Rene and his one-year-old sister were in the backseat when a car pulled up behind them and fired a single shot.

Gonzalez was working at Triple E convenience store. She didn't hear the shot, but she said customers did.

"They were really scared really shaken up," she said.

Police released a sketch of the suspect and photos of what his car looks like - a 2006 beige or gold Honda Civic.

Councilman Rey Saldana is urging the community to come forward if they know anything and the person responsible to turn themselves in.

"I refuse to believe we live in a city where someone can get away with killing a three-year-old," he said

Saldana hopeful for justice for little Rene who would have turned 4 this past Wednesday.

"We hope the person comes forward because the homicide detectives aren't going to rest until they close this case."