SAN ANTONIO – An arrest warrant has been issued for a man who police believe caused the death of his brother, whose remains were discovered on Padre Island National Seashore more than a week ago.

Gregorio Barrera, 48, will be served with an arrest warrant in connection to his 46-year-old brother Andres Barrera’s murder. Gregorio is already in the Bexar County Jail after being questioned by investigators.

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Andres’ sister, Mary Rodriguez, contacted SAPD on Sept. 12 to report Andres as a missing person.

Police searched Andres’ apartment on the 100 block of Camino De Oro where he lived alone, and they found it ransacked.

According to Andres’ work, he had not been in since Sept. 1 and was scheduled to work on the third. They reportedly called Andres multiple times, but never heard from him. According to his sister, it was unusual for Andres to not report into work.

Andres’ other sister, Martha Barrera, found his truck along with his wallet and ID at a house he owns in Haverford, Texas, on Sept. 12. Gregorio was present, but not Andres.

According to Martha, the brothers physically fought multiple times.

Their most recent fight was over the house on the 8700 block of Sage Brush because Andres had evicted Gregorio. He had been living in the house for many years, but because he had not been paying his loan Andres wanted him out.

Mary and Martha searched the home but did not find Andres. Mary did find property from Andres’ apartment and his credit cards. Martha found and removed a box that held her deceased mother’s belongings.

When police arrived, they made Gregorio leave the premises because of the eviction and searched the home. Police found blood splatters covering the walls, ceiling and other surfaces.

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Detectives pinged Andres’ cellphone and it was discovered in the box Martha had removed from the home. According to Martha, she removed the box from the house so Gregorio couldn’t take the valuable items inside. She told police she had received text messages from Gregorio during the time Andres had been missing, but the messages were coming from Andres’ phone.

Andres’ phone records indicated it was used in Corpus Christi on Sept. 5. However, the phone was not used there any other day between Sept. 1 and Sept. 14. Records showed it was used in San Antonio approximately one day before and about 18 hours after being active in Corpus Christi.

Gregorio told police he did see Andres on Sept. 1. Andres agreed to end the eviction as long as Gregorio did not pursue charging Andres with assault. However, the last time he saw Andres was on Sept. 11 at the house on Sage Brush when he was picked up by a dark colored Fiat.

He admitted to police that he used Andres’ credit cards to buy clothes and a new lawn trimmer on Sept. 4. While Andres didn’t accompany him into the store, he was present. Gregorio told police he would use Andres’ cards without him present, but would have permission. The same went for the truck.

When asked about traveling to Corpus Christi, Gregorio told police he had not; however, according to police, throughout his interview, he changed his activities multiple times.

On Sept. 25, Andres’ remains were found decomposing on Padre Island National Seashore near Corpus Christi. His remains were buried about three feet down in the sand. According to the report, remnants of a plastic bag were found wrapped around the neck of the remains. The autopsy also revealed a skull fracture.

Nueces County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the remains as Andres.

SAPD has reason to believe that Gregorio killed his brother on Sept. 5.