SAN ANTONIO -- The Heidi Search Center is helping people become private investigators to aid in the search for missing children and adults.

The center is holding a series of courses where you can learn how to get certified as a private investigator and then go work as a private eye to help solve cases.

“There are so many missing children every day,” said Sylvia Morfin.

She should know. She lived through that nightmare when her son was missing for a week.

Morfin was fortunate to get him back.

“I got tired of children being taken,” said Morfin who has now made it her mission to help other parents reunite with their lost loved ones.

And she's stepping her game up by becoming a private investigator.

Morfin didn't have to go far to learn. She's already a volunteer at the Heidi Search Center where it just launched its "Texas Institute of Investigations" at their location on Naco Perrin Boulevard.

“I started last month,” said Morfin. “I’m working to become a private investigator."

The Heidi Search Center’s Dottie Laster is hoping the training will help volunteers solve even more missing cases.

Anyone can sign up online for their next class on Nov. 18 from 4 to 8 p.m. The class will be taught by private investigator Mark Gillespie.

The class does cost $175 and all the proceeds are donated to the Heidi Search Center to keep searching for the more 60 active missing cases they currently have. It takes 40 hours of classes to complete.

For more information on the class and where to sign up, visit