Far away from where Harvey hit, evacuees are getting a warm welcome in a small town south of San Antonio.

Hotels like this Days Inn in Pearsall are full of people from across Southeast Texas.

Close to 1500 evacuees are seeking refuge in Pearsall. And they're finding more than just a comfortable place to sleep.

The tallest buildings in Pearsall are hotels built during the recent oil boom. The oil downturn left them quiet.

"The last couple years those hotels up in 30 to 40 percent occupied on a good night." Pearsall City Manager Charles Jackson said.

This weekend, city leaders quickly recognized they were full again, with hundreds of people seeking refuge from Hurricane Harvey.

"We would love to see those motels for all the time, but this is not how we want them filled up." Jackson said.

Neighbors in Pearsall and the surrounding communities have been collecting supplies for those in need.

"I've been blessed so much by the Lord and I just want to help every way I can." Pearsall resident Yomeda Benavidez said.

"I was a fireman and EMT for a lot of years and I've seen a lot of people with a lot of problems, this is the time we all need to come together and help one another." Devine resident Paul Gengler said.

Families we spoke to say they're grateful for the support.

The city manager here says the food and clothing drive will continue as long as the need exists.