SAN ANTONIO -- Quick acting neighbors and a passerby help an elderly woman who uses a wheelchair escape an early morning fire on Thursday.

Around 1:45 Thursday morning, flames devastated a duplex where the woman and another family lived.

Neighbors said a family of five including a man, woman, and three children live in the duplex. They were not at home at the time of the blaze.

Fire investigators aren't sure if the family knows their home in the 800 block of Rita Avenue caught on fire.

Fire investigators said the fire spread from the roof of the family's apartment over to the elderly woman's place.

A passerby saw the fire and started knocking on doors. He and neighbors were able to get the elderly fire victim out of her apartment safely.

Firefighters went into both apartments looking for other victims, but no one was inside.

Fire crews fought the fire defensively from that point until it was extinguished.

No one was injured, at all.

Fire investigators estimate $100,000 in damage.

Preliminary, investigators believe the fire started from a refrigerator in the family's apartment.