SAN ANTONIO - Frustration is growing as drivers struggle to find places to fill their gas tanks.

A rush on pumps Thursday left many San Antonio stations without gas. By Friday, gas stations across South Texas struggled to keep up with the demand.

Many stations have closed their pumps while they waited for fuel trucks to replenish their supplies.

Drivers told KENS 5 they waited up to half an hour for fuel.

“I wanted to wait it out, but if you're on empty you can't really go anywhere,” driver Patrick Sebay said.

Social media rumors warning of a gas shortage after Hurricane Harvey hit sent people flocking to the pumps Thursday. As a result, a man-made shortage at many stations has left them bone dry.

“I heard it was mostly people going off rumors, I actually needed gas,” Botting said.

State and local leaders said there is no gas shortage and that gas deliveries are just delayed. Drivers are encouraged to stay calm and fill up only when necessary.

“My wife works on the other side of San Antonio, so we're literally rationing the gas this morning,” said driver Evan Ward. “It's like, ‘okay you can get to work today and then you're off until Tuesday, you'll be able to go to work Tuesday and I'll go with you and look for gas.’”

Keep track of the gas stations that have fuel by checking out our fuel tracker on the KENS 5 app.SAN ANTONIO - The rush to fill up gas tanks is back. It started on Thursday when drivers bombarded local gas stations, leaving a lot of stations out of gas.

The Shell located on Fredericksburg and Louis Pasteur near the Medical Center was pretty chaotic Friday morning. It is one of the only spots around that still had fuel as of noon.

Social media rumors warning of a gas shortage after Hurricane Harvey sent people flocking to the pumps Thursday and as a result, it created a man-made shortage at many stations.

If you see a place with no lines it's safe to say they're out of gas.

Officials insist there is plenty of gas that is in the process of being delivered. Unless you need gas, please wait and fill up when you do.

You can find the best spots when you do need fuel by checking out our Gas Tracker on our KENS 5 app.