SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio man would be out hundreds of dollars, and then some, if it weren't for the kind act of a Good Samaritan.

This happened Friday when a man decided to drop by The Wash Tub at 8250 Bandera Road.

Like many of us do, the man took some valuables inside while he waited. It was a bank bag filled with hundreds of dollars and more.

Moments later, the bag would be out of sight.

Every day, hundreds of customers walk in and out of The Wash Tub car wash.

"It was just a normal Friday. We were working and it was a little busy," said Kyra Marie Martinez, a cashier at The Wash Tub.

Brian Daniels was one of the customers to stop in.

As his truck went through the car wash, Brian sat on a couch inside with his newspaper and his bank bag behind him for safe keeping.

"I've had that bag for 10 years. It's where I keep all my valuables," said Daniels. "I had a check book, I had some cash and my mortgage statement I keep in there because I'm always going through the drive-thru to make my payments...I had four 100 dollar bills that go way back in the '20s. Those I don't spend. I collect them. Also, I get two dollar bills and I collect old two dollar bills."

When his truck was ready, Daniels went outside and hopped in the car.

Immediately, he realized he left the bag on the couch.

"The lady, she came back to the register and she said, 'Here's this bag. I found this bag on the couch'," Martinez said.

To find the owner, employees glanced in the bag to look for any sort of ID.

Daniels ran back in and didn't see the bag on the couch, so he asked Martinez if someone turned it in.

"My manager and I were like, 'Hmm, let's just make sure,'" said Martinez. "So I said, 'Well, what's your wife's name?' And he said, 'Linda'. So we were like, 'Oh, ok!'"

Although it wasn't a long stretch of time the bag sat alone on the couch, Daniels knows he's lucky his valuables were found by the right stranger.

"It gives you a good feeling that there are good people out there," said Daniels. "A good day for me. A good ending!"

Troy, a manager at The Wash Tub off Bandera, said they even found someone's laptop accidentally left behind Tuesday.

Daniels did meet the woman who turned in his bank bag and he thanked her. He said he will most definitely pay it forward.