SAN ANTONIO -- Most people will be thinking about voting on Tuesday, but for the people who run the polls, Saturday was the day they sprang into action.

All day long, a steady stream of high-energy poll workers were busy at the Bexar County Election building getting ready for Tuesday.

Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen worked to direct traffic as the poll officials worked their way around the cavernous warehouse, picking up all the supplies they will need to get the job done.

But it wasn't all work and no play.

A large group from the Bexar County Health Collaborative created a festive atmosphere with unexpected prizes and treats for the workers.

"We have a health fair and we're taking our judge's pictures so that we can have our wall of honor. We have the most fantastic election officials and this is our way of honoring them," Callanen said.

The red, white and blue photo booth was a big hit, as were healthy snacks and free flu shots.

The workers also had a chance to register to win $50 gift cards.

"What we're doing today is just in appreciation of the work that you're going to be doing for our community. We just want to say thank you!" said one of the volunteers handing out goodies.

After the light-hearted fun at the health fair, many poll workers said they're glad to have a front row seat for history in the making.

Poll worker Bob Rivette said he is happy to see so many voters fired up about this year's contest.

"I'd much rather see them involved that sitting around," Rivette said.

Rivette, who said he served 20 years in the U.S. Navy, said he always tells those who complain the same thing.

"I say 'Did you vote?' and when they say no, I tell them you got what you voted for so stop complaining,” Rivette said. "What other country in the world can we not only vote for who we want but work to make sure the voting process is taken care of correctly."

Cathy Bodenbach said she believes there is a lot more energy associated with this election year.

"Oh yes. Definitely. There's a lot of people that really just don't like one thing or another so they're coming out in mass I think to vote."

By the end of the day Saturday more than 600 workers will have picked up all their supplies and they will be ready to open the polls bright and early Tuesday morning.

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