SAN ANTONIO - When you have diabetes, taking care of wounds becomes much more difficult, especially if you can't feel them and don't know they are there.

KENS 5 spoke with one man who has been dealing with type-2 diabetes for close to two decades. He said the disease has affected his body's ability to heal.

"I have this superman thing. Nothing is going to hurt me, but it does, and it kicked my butt pretty good," said 49-year-old Carlos Garcia, who found out he had type-2 diabetes 20 years ago.

"At that time, I was taking medication, no insulin or anything like that. I wasn't that bad, so I was able to control it then. As I've gotten older, my weight has gone up."

For the past ten years, he's been on insulin to control his blood sugar.

"It does help to control it but if you don't follow the diet or follow your doctor's instructions it doesn't help," Garcia said.

Dr. Gina Gray, the medical director of the Wound Care Center at the Texas Diabetes Institute, said he had to start coming to the Wound Care Center in 2015.

"It started as a very bad infection in his lower back," she said. "The doctors told me in emergency that if I hadn't arrived there when I did, it was getting pretty close to almost a gangrene type of wound."

"When I was examining his wound, it was deep enough for me to put my hand in up to the wrist," said Dr. Gray.

Thanks to the Wound Center, he's on the mend with that wound and a few others. "It's gotten to where you can barely get your little pinky in the air, but its still there," he said.

The diabetes forced him to change his diet, but also his outlook on life.

"This whole journey I've been going on the past two years has opened my eyes bigger than they should've been open back then," said Garcia.

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