More people are leaving their cell phone on and next to them while they sleep. But doctors say the growing trend isn't good for your health.

Most of us go to bed with our phones just feet away, including Brandon Berube.

"Back in the day I used to use it as a form of communication. You know I had to be called at all hours of the night," Berube said.

"It lights up and you hear that ring and you want to know what did somebody say what notification that I have so the Temptations to just reach for it," University Health System physician assistant Amanda Brosnan said.

She told us that disruption could seriously disrupt your health. Berube realized that and changed his habits.

"Stopped that very quickly though now it's just the alarm clock," Berube said.

Brosnan said even that can be a problem for some troubled sleepers.

"Clock watching actually stimulates the brain into thinking what time it is," Brosnan explained.

But she said that it's the light emitted by the phone's screen itself that can cause a majority of the problems.

"When it comes down to it, it's the light, that blue light that comes from the TV screen or the computer screen or your cell phone screen actually tricks the brain into thinking it is daytime," she added.

She also said to avoid your phone and TV before bed to help wind that brain down and to try these other activities to promote sleep: Reading a book, using a coloring book, doing household chores, talking with family members, and listening to music.

Berube sometimes takes it one step further.

"If I'm exhausted I'm like, 'Phone is going to stay out in the living room. I'll be in the bedroom,'" he said.

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