When your blood sugar is higher than normal, but not high enough to be considered type-two diabetic, doctors say you're what is known as pre-diabetic.

If you catch it early enough, you can make lifestyle changes and avoid diabetes altogether.

"I've seen my girlfriend and what kind of life changes she's had to make, and I found out that I was pre-diabetic because of weight," said 63-year-old Jack Armstrong, who got that diagnosis in 2006.

"I'd eat anything. I'd eat tacos. If you would put it in front of me, I would eat it," he said.

Armstrong knew he had to make changes quickly. "You get diabetes, and they start cutting parts off," he said.

Jonathan Diaz, who is a registered dietician with University Health System, said if you are pre-diabetic, managing your diet should be a high priority.

"Diet definitely does help control blood sugars, because what we eat does affect your sugars," Diaz said.

When Armstrong found out he was trending toward having diabetes, he made some big changes to his diet, and now is no longer even pre-diabetic.

He started watching what he ate, cut out salt, cut back on portion sizes and knows what is in just about everything he eats and drinks.

"I do a lot of label reading. Before, I never would do a lot of label reading. I found out what's in it and cut back that way," Armstrong said.

He has this message for anyone who gets the same diagnosis he did: "Get it under control. Your grandkids want you to be around so you can see their kids," said Armstrong.

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