When we think about going to the doctor, our physical health is typically top of mind. But our mental wellbeing is just as important.

Mental health is a very broad topic, but in the next few weeks we will break it down into depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and PTSD. All of those are disorders that may not cost as much as you think to treat.

"Sixty to 70 percent of the patients who are treated for depression or anxiety in the United States are actually treated by primary care providers," said Dr. Christopher Wallace, a University Health System psychiatrist, who added that recognizing anxiety and depression can be more difficult for men than women. "Frequently, anxiety in men will often manifest as anger because, culturally, it's an acceptable, unfortunately, it's an acceptable means by which a man can express their emotions because they are men."

One of the ways men may try to treat their anxiety is through alcohol, which can lead to another disorder: alcoholism.

"Our bodies quickly get used to the alcohol dosing, so you have to keep using more and more and you become tolerant to, and you actually become physically dependent upon the alcohol," Dr. Wallace explained.

Another disorder that many try to treat without professional help is PTSD, which is not just for veterans.

"The incidents of PTSD is not highest among veterans," Dr. Wallace noted. "The No. 1 trauma that people experience that produces PTSD is motor vehicle accidents."

In next week's Real Men Wear Gowns, we'll talk to one man who suffered from anxiety and depression but was able to come out of it with a way to help others deal with those very same issues.

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