SAN ANTONIO -- When it comes to your health you want the best information possible. But many times patients choose alternative therapies instead of what their doctor recommends.

In most cases, it doesn't work out.

How you keep yourself and your family healthy is ultimately your decision. With newborns, it starts on day one with vaccines that not all parents think are the best option.

"There are a significant number of families concerned there is a link between vaccines and autism but study after study after study has shown that's just not the case," said University Health System Pediatrician Dr. Ryan Van Ramshorst.

Dr. Laura Tenner at the UT Health Science Center added, "Sometimes you have to go in a roundabout way to get places and that's okay but we want people to eventually come back to science and come back to medicine because we have things we can offer that can really make a difference in their lives."

Where you do your research could mean life or death.

"There are some sites that are not reputable and there are some sites that will give false information without any strong evidence," said University Health System physician Dr. Patrick Pierre.

He also had his recommendations of where to get helpful information besides your doctor.

"Some of the reputable sites I recommend for patients to look at are Web MD and," Dr. Pierre said.

One colon cancer patient Joe Montoya decided to go his own way, at first.

"There were a lot of positive things going on. There were some negative. So I waited it out and thought I would try this first but it didn't work for me," said Montoya.

Michael Follette, who is a father or 2-year-old Isaiah, said he had no qualms about vaccinating his son.

“He was a preemie so as soon as they told us to get them done we got them done right on schedule," Follette said.

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