The Carry the Load relay has finally made its way to its final destination in Dallas.

Just before 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, the west coast relay team and the east coast relay team met at Reverchon Park after a 33-day journey covering 6600 miles, greeted by thousands of supporters.

Among the supporters were veterans, police and first responders, their families, and many who have lost loved ones fighting for our freedom.

"We are here walking for my uncle, who I never got to meet. He was killed in Vietnam at 19, so we are here to represent Lance Corporal James Taylor," Stephanie Baxter said.

"Carry the Load is just to remind people that there are a lot of folks out there and it's not just about the military. Tomorrow is about Memorial Day. But for 364 days out of the year we are talking about policemen and firefighters, EMTs, the other first responders who we've lost, who sacrificed. And that's what Carry the Load is,” former Governor of Texas Ricky Perry said.

This year the memorial march will be 20 hours and 16 minutes long, for the year 2016, and will conclude Monday just after noon, making way for the closing ceremonies.