SAN ANTONIO - It's a day people in San Antonio won't soon forget.

One year ago Monday, San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi was killed during a traffic stop.

On Nov. 20, 2016, Marconi pulled over a driver right in front of SAPD headquarters. Little did he or anyone know it would be the last day of service for someone who spent more than two decades serving our community through SAPD.

The death of Benjamin Marconi hurt.

A bit of relief came with the arrest of Otis McKane, a man who said he wrongly took his frustration over a custody battle out on Marconi.

After a decorated funeral honoring Marconi's life, officers went back to work.

A photo of Marconi joined a wall filled with too many others who died serving San Antonio.

"We have a large group of law enforcement professionals who make up SAPD. As horrible as these things are when they happen and in the aftermath of when they happen we're a resilient department and we bounce back after things like this occur," said Chief William McManus, SAPD.

Seven months after Marconi's death, another officer, Miguel Moreno, would be gunned down and killed.

The heartache once again returned, along with a tough reminder.

"You have to be aware, you have to have eyes in the back of your head," said McManus.

McManus said he knows others are not immune from attacks.

"The level of caution is always in everyone's mind," said McManus.

However, officers move forward with those who have fallen always in their hearts.

"We will never ever forget Det. Marconi or his family," said McManus.

Otis McKane is behind bars, awaiting his day in court.