The San Antonio police officer that has been fired and accused of feeding a piece of feces wrapped in bread to a homeless person is fighting back, saying the story isn’t true.

Matthew Luckhurst, the officer accused, claims that the incident didn’t actually happen and that he just made a joke about it.

The San Antonio Police Department says that the incident happened in May at Houston and I-35 downtown. SAPD says that he put the “sandwich” in a Styrofoam container and gave it to a homeless man.

Luckhurst’s lawyer says that the story isn’t true.

“I think that he believes in fighting to clear his name and I think he’s going to be fine,” said Ben Sifuentes, who’s representing Luckhurst.

SAPD says that the Luckhurst bragged about the sandwich to a fellow officer, who told Luckhurst to take the sandwich back and throw it away. The officer says that he saw Luckhurst throw the container away.

“Someone made a joke [and it was] repeated,” Sifuentes explained. “The joke wasn’t a statement of truth or fact, but when it’s repeated, it turns into an allegation.”

Two separate review boards recommended termination, a decision that was upheld by the chief of police.

One homeless man, not involved in the case, says that the homeless are east targets, often treated less than human, and that he’s seen his share of good cops and bad cops.

“You’ve gotta have some integrity about what you do, no matter what side, if you’re in the hood or you’re educated or you think you’re rich or you’re poor,” he said. “Certain things you just don’t do.”

Luckhurst wants his job back and could get it back if an arbitration hearing goes his way.

The homeless man involved in the case has not been found.