The National Transportation Safety Board has revealed more details about its investigation.

Jennifer Morrison, NTSB's lead investigator on the case, said in a press conference Monday that their team is in the fact-gathering stage of the investigation. She said they discovered 20-year-old Jack Dillon Young, the driver of the white pick-up truck, was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the crash.

Wednesday, authorities said Young was driving when he crossed over into the oncoming lane and hit a bus from New Braunfels First Baptist Church. 13 people died and only one person survived.

Morrison said toxicology samples are being reviewed from Young and the driver of the church bus.

Morrison also said they are reviewing the cellphone records of the drivers. An eyewitness said Young admitted to texting at the scene of the crash.

The cellphone video captured by that same witness has been sent to the NTSB’s lab in Washington, D.C., for analysis.

Morrison said her team is currently reviewing the actions of Young leading up to the crash and are encouraging anyone with information to email They’re also reviewing the preceding actions of the bus driver.

Young was released from the hospital Tuesday morning. Their investigation confirmed that airbags did deploy in both the bus and white pickup truck.

Morrison said her team is using three-dimensional laser technology to assess the drivers' positions on the sharp curve leading up to the crash. She added, they were unable to get information from the air bag modules from the vehicles. The modules are computers that can track speed and brakes several seconds before an impact.

"The air bag control modules themselves were not physically damaged, but due to the damage of the vehicles, and the catastrophic power loss, the data could not be imaged on scene," said Morrison.

She said they will release a preliminary report “in a month,”A full report with the cause of the crash could take up to a year.