A National Rifle Association TV personality is under fire after he sent a tweet Thursday which some say appears to tell North Korea to attack Sacramento instead of Guam.

Grant Stinchfield, a host on NRATV.com and radio station 570 KLIF in Dallas, tweeted "Let's send a note to North Korea that Sacramento changed its name to Guam!" The tweet was an apparent response to the recent North Korean threat to launch a missile at Guam.

The tweet stirred a bit of backlash over night, with some calling him a traitor for asking a country to bomb a United States city.

You guys can't even get being nationalists right.

— Jessica 🍩 (@NoFascistsPls) August 11, 2017

At least one person on twitter defended Stinchfield as being sarcastic.

However, most weren't so trusting.