SAN ANTONIO - Nine arrests have been made in a human trafficking ring in Bexar County.

Eight men and one woman are the yield of a DPS investigation.

Jail records show Gabriel Delao bonded out of jail Monday around 6 p.m. after being arrested on human trafficking charges. He was the ninth suspect being sought in this human trafficking investigation.

The 33-year-old is accused of using his employee discount to rent rooms for trafficking victims to be prostituted. DPS said some of the victims were juveniles.

An arrest warrant said Delao told investigators he saw another suspect in the investigation send out texts in connection to this operation. Delao also stated he heard the same person brag about selling the girls to someone.

Delao reportedly would get free drugs from those hotel room set ups. Drugs with money bought from the victims' clients.

The eight other arrested defendants and charges include:

Daimien Garcia, 27, of San Antonio (trafficking of a child, trafficking of a person, and sexual assault of a child)

Elizabeth Martinez, 31, of San Antonio (compelling prostitution of a minor)

Keebo Hullaby, 24, of San Antonio (trafficking of a child)

Miles Montgomery, 47, of Portland, Texas (prostitution of a minor)

Jose Gonzales, 35, of San Antonio (prostitution)

Cody Flores, 24, of San Antonio (prostitution)

Christopher Ramon, 23, of San Antonio (prostitution)

Lee Atherton, 39, of San Antonio (prostitution)