On September 1, Texas will begin new rules for people looking to get a license.

New drivers will have to take a one hour course about the dangers of distracted driving.

"I see the benefits behind it because I've seen so many people texting or eating while driving, even my friends," one man said.

The class has three videos that can be taken at home. At the end of each lesson is a learning check list, once you finish the course you get a certificate of completion to take with you before your driver's test.

Drivers 18 to 24 are still required to complete 6 hours of driver's education.

"I feel like it's unnecessary because we learned this at driving school," one 19-year-old said about the new requirement.

DPS emphasizes that the class is for anyone over the age of 18 who is a new driver in Texas.

This also is a requirement for people looking to convert an out of state license to a Texas one.

If you're a current Texas driver looking to renew your license, you won't have to worry about this course unless you let your license expire for two years before you renew it.

DPS said the videos use true stories and research to show why it's important to stay focused on the roads.