A roof replacement program called “Under One Roof” has expanded to various neighborhoods in the San Antonio area.

Spearheaded by District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino, the roof fixing pilot program began in District 1 to help disadvantaged residents save money and energy by replacing their dark colored roofs with reflecting materials. The replacement roofs absorb less heat and help lower energy costs.

Jose Hernandez is a disabled veteran and one of about 30 recipients of the program.

“The house has been a lot cooler, and the air conditioning, I've been saving a lot,” Hernandez said.

Installing each roof costs the city about $13,000, but it costs homeowners nothing.

Hernandez's roof, installed last year, has since been monitored along with others to track the progress and savings.

“The data has come back that by simply changing the color of the roof that we're lowering the temperature by 23 degrees,” Councilman Trevino said. “Which means we're improving the quality of life inside of the house.”

Homeowners can save anywhere from $800 to $1,800 dollars every year with the cool roofs, according to experts. CPS Energy says that San Antonio is fourth in the nation for sun exposure. It’s just another reason why they say they're now on board with the effort.

“CPS will be offering rebates throughout the city for people with high-reflectance roofs,” Councilman Trevino said.

The program has recently been adopted in District 2 and Councilman Trevino is working to further expand the effort citywide.