NEW BRAUNFELS - In New Braunfels it's a time of watchful waiting, especially for the people charged with keeping everyone safe.

Call it a sign of the times at the one shelter in New Braunfels, where at midday, volunteers outnumbered those seeking shelter.

At the River Ranch RV Resort, some had already moved to higher ground even though the Guadalupe River was still tranquil.

Around town, there were a few signs down and small branches have been ripped from trees, but no major damage, so far. Flags at the city's Emergency Operations Center told the story of a storm that has been more wind than rain.

"The first thing we want people to do is to stay aware of their surroundings, pay attention to the weather forecast, pay attention to what the weather is doing," New Braunfels Fire Department Captain Patrick O’Connell said.

They say vigilance, especially during the nighttime hours will be critical.

"We'll go to our three-tier notification system which consists of sirens along the rivers, reverse 911 call backs and boots on the ground and going door to door knocking," O’Connell said.

The EOC is staffed by both paid people and volunteers. These are the people who said their aim is to save their neighbors and their town no matter what.