In a vote on Wednesday morning, the senate approved the final version of what has been called the biggest overhaul of the U.S tax code in over 30 years.

The tax reform plan claims to put money back in most pockets, however big corporations seem to be the to be the ones benefiting the most, with tax rates reducing by 14 percent.

The big question now is how many of them are willing to pass down these savings to their employees? One New Braunfels business has already started.

"You know you got this money, now what do you do with it? The most important asset we have and we always tell everybody is our people. So we decided to reinvest in our people and give everyone a thousand dollars and it just so happens the timing is here at Christmas time." CEO/President of Rush Enterprise, W.M. "Rusty" Rush said.

Rush Enterprise has over six thousand employees spread across 21 states. They're based in New Braunfels, but everyone gets the one time bonus. Rush says, the response from his employees is genuine and heartfelt.

"As my dad would say, the founder of the company, it brings tears to a wild hogs eyes. It's been overwhelming the response that I've gotten from the employees, but most importantly they'll take that money and they'll reinvest it back into the economy." Rush said.

What they'll do with the extra cash they'll save is up to the company management. Rush believes all businesses should invest and give back to their employees. Bigger corporations like AT&T, Comcast, and Wells Fargo are just a few on the list rewarding their employees with some kind of incentive. The plan is set to go in affect January 2018.