A new app launched in Texas this week allows women to get birth control without ever having to go to a doctor's office or a pharmacy.

Studies show that 54 percent of pregnancies in Texas are unplanned. This cost taxapayers a whopping $2.9 billion each year, according to a report done by the Guttmacher Institute.

Creators of the app, Nurx, hope that it will give more Texans access to birth control. In Texas, 125 counties don't have at least one publicly funded clinic. Bexar County has 31.

Through the app, women can log on and input their health information through a survey.

Once their information is reviewed by a doctor here in Texas, a prescription for birth control, emergency contraception or HIV prevention medication is shipped to their door in a matter of days.

"When the medical system has sort of kept birth control behind the closed doors of the doctor's office and not allowed them to access it in a more readily...or easy way that's when unintended pregnancies happen," Jessica Knox, the medical director for Nurx, said.

For women that have health insurance the shipping and medication are usually free. Women without insurance can get the pill for as little as $15.

The brains behind the app say it can be useful for busy professional women and those who might struggle to make ends meet.

"For some women it's just inconvenient to get into the doctor's office for this medication, but for other women it's a matter of whether they can take a few hours off of their hourly paid job....For them it's a really big deal when they're deciding between taking a few hours off so they can get birth control so that they don't have an unintended pregnancy," Knox said.

The app's marketing head said Nurx won't be available for iPhones or Andorids until some time in August. Until then, users can utilize the webpage app.

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