History will come to life through a new app that visitors can use at the Alamo.

Imagine Virtua, Alamo Reality and Remati Investments are in the process of creating the free app that will launch March 1st.

Michael McGar, Alamo Reality CEO, said the app utilizes augmented reality where computer-generated video overlays with the user's environment in real time.

You will be able to download the app on a smartphone or tablet and begin exploring.

"This app works like a suped-up Pokemon, where you walk around the Alamo grounds you'll find certain spots that will signal that you can look at something and you'll hold up your phone and see Davy Crockett pop up and you'll hear the story of what happened," McGar said.

McGar said users can explore different time periods and see how the Alamo has changed over the last several centuries.

"We know that most people when they come here, they look at the Alamo and they really don't understand the history. You can take a private tour and you can kind of get something from it but you don't get to see what it looks like. You don't get to see the people who were involved in it. You don't get to hear their stories," McGar said.

McGar said there will be other additions to the app.

"We'll have trading cards. We'll have a game board, and so you can lay the game board down and see it with your phone and the Alamo pops up in 3D. You can see the battle of the Alamo happen," McGar said.

The name of the app has yet to be finalized. It will be available for Apple and Android devices