SAN ANTONIO-More than one hundred pieces of history were on display for the first time at the Alamo.The exhibit was held Thursday to celebrate Texas Archaeology Month.

Dozens of people came out to the Alamo to see artifacts that date back hundreds of years.

San Antonio resident Mallory Tompsett said she was surprised to see one in particular.

"All the French stuff wasn't surprising, but the Chinese one for me was," she said.

The artifacts were all dug up within the past 50 years and had never been seen before. The 150 pieces gave a look into the past.

"It's so cool learning what makes San Antonio, San Antonio," Tompsett said.

City archaeologist Kay Hindes said artifacts like the ones on display not only preserve history, but show what life was like.

"There are all types of interesting types of buttons and clothing that gives people an interesting look to what people had available for them through time," Hindes said.