SAN ANTONIO -- Halloween decorations are meant to add to the excitement of the holiday, but residents in one Stone Oak neighborhood said someone is stealing their decorations from their front doors.

One woman is taking matters into her own hands.

Aurora Rodriguez provided KENS 5 with video of a woman walking up to someone’s door and taking off with a pot. The home is in the Encino Park area.

“I’m hoping that she’s found, that somebody comes forward and lets us know who she is,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez lives on the 100 block of Gazelle Court and she believes this is the same woman who stole her favorite wreath last week during the broad daylight.

“I went to check on mine and noticed that mine was gone,” she said.

Rodriguez enjoys the Halloween holiday with her front yard decked out in decorations. She put up signs around her neighborhood mailboxes to warn neighbors.

She said her neighbor saw the same woman walking around their street.

“He had seen her two days before with the same clothing that's in that picture,” Rodriquez said.

Other neighbors have posted photos of similar wreaths taken from their homes, but she just wants her back.

“One out of sixteen plus years we’ve been in the military moved around everywhere. Never had something like this done,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez tried filing a police report but because the item is less than $100 they won’t investigate.

"It’s not about the price,” said Rodriquez. “It has sentimental value."