CIBOLO, Texas - A small neighborhood woke up Thursday morning to several cars burglarized.

People living in the Thistle Creek neighborhood in Cibolo said they're now on edge after thieves broke into cars, even taking money intended for a kindergarten Christmas class party.

Tamara Sund has lived in the quiet neighborhood in Cibolo for five years and never expected to fall victim to a car burglary.

"He's the Grinch," she said. "We work hard for our money and the things we give to our kids. Then some guy comes and steals our things. It's unsettling,"

Sund was one of five people in the neighborhood who found their car was broken into.

"We live in such a safe neighborhood you don't expect it," she said.

Along with Sund's son's Christmas party money, she said the crook took some gift cards she had left in her SUV, which she said she accidently left unlocked.

"It just so happened my husband and I didn't communicate when we were unloading our kids," she said. "Our car was unlocked."

Cibolo Police Department Sgt. Homero Balderas said in all of the incidents the cars were left unlocked.

"There's no broken glass or forced entry and no broken locks," he said. "You have to hide your belongings and lock your vehicles. Don't let these crimes of opportunity victimize you."

While crime does tend to spike during the holidays, Balderas said people should avoid leaving valuables in their vehicles.

"The front and backseat are not the best places, " he said. "The trunk, where its out of sight, is the best."

As for Sund, she said she's learned her lesson. She said she'll remember to always lock her car.

"They ended up having the Christmas party, but I had to put in some of my own money," she said. "It was no big deal, but it was still a bummer."