SAN ANTONIO -- Fate did not just call Anang and Morgan Mehta on the carpet. The couple got invited to the table. The result: Thyme for Lunch.

At 19140 Stone Oak Parkway, the restaurant joins a bevy of eateries in San Antonio's Stone Oak area.

"The concept is fresh, healthy, preservative free eating," Morgan said. "We make every soup, stock, salad dressing, every marinade, every spread that goes on the sandwiches."

Thyme for Lunch opened four months ago and the business evolved from being relocated to Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia.

"My husband was an oil and gas executive and IT executive," she said. "So two years ago we packed up our house and moved abroad."

Morgan shut down her business in San Antonio. For two years, she said work was not an option. Cooking classes were.

She and Anang went full throttle into all kinds of food. The cuisines were so freshly prepared and fast food restaurants were a distant memory.

"I told my husband if we ever go back to the U.S. this is what I want to do," she said.

The two even came up with the name of the restaurant over beers in Bangkok. It seemed catchy for a place with a primary focus on lunch. No, the herb thyme had nothing to do with it.

When they returned to the Alamo City, Morgan persuaded Anang to quit his job for their dream.

"It was time to do something different in life," he said.

The food, like the lives of the owners, is all about fusion. There are Asian and Indian influences. You will find cleverly named sandwiches like the Notorious PIG, the Hippy Chick, Buddha's Revenge and the Dual Personality.

No fear here! The couple plans to do a seasonal change for their menu. Thyme for Lunch also does weekend breakfast with a vegan hash as well as wheat waffles topped with cherry compote and mascarpone.

Neighborhood Eats got a chance to sample four dishes: Two salads. Two sandwiches.

The crowd favorite is the 'Not yo Mama's meatloaf.' It's a ground turkey meatloaf on a ciabatta bun with cranberry mustard chutney, caramelized onions, arugula cooked down in honey and balsamic vinegar. Que Rico!

Wash down with the spa-inspired water which changes flavor daily.

Next, we tried the Asian Persuasion sandwich: Asian marinade, Asian mayo, pickled daikon, carrots and no meat. No, the twist for this is Portobello mushrooms. Delicious!

Neighborhood Eats also had the wonderful vegan salad filled beets, jicama, mixed green, purple cabbage, watermelon radish, apples, pumpkin seed covered in a maple tahini dressing.

The salmon salad with its capers, onions, colorful peppers, tomatoes and artichokes in a champagne vinaigrette was delightful.

Thyme for Lunch is open six days a week. The lion's share of the menu is under $10.

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