SAN ANTONIO- A Mexican restaurant in London became the inspiration for The Pod Restaurant in San Antonio. Located at 18745 Redland Rd, the outside looks deceivingly like a big storage facility. It's definitely a restaurant.

"Jorge Mosqueda and Gerardo Briseno...they are the owners," Clifford Matthews said. "They came up with the construction concept."

Matthews is the general manager of The Pod. When he applied for the job he also wondered what the space was.

The Pod is constructed from 22 shipping containers from across the globe. Pod is another name for the shipping crates so naming the place was easy.

"People are building homes out of them, restaurants and a lot of other different buildings and businesses," Matthews said.

The building is a two story patio driven facility. Weather-permitting, customers can sit on one of the decks. Children can play on the 2200 square foot grass field.

Back inside, the building has the feel of an industrial night club. The owners made a deliberate effort to have the menu match most of the places where they bought pods to build their restaurant.

"We have a little South American shrimp ceviche. We have some Mexican tacos," Matthews said. "We have some Italian pastas."

They don't boast a high end menu. This is more of a unique bar and grill with a place where the kids can have fun.

It's the spot where you can grab paella, smothered pork chops with mac and cheese and get baked fish covered in a cilantro sauce. Expect the menu and other options to change because The Pod just opened in January.

Neighborhood Eats wanted to pack down a taste test. The Pod provided a three-dish sampler starting with marvelously messy Pod burger: Fresh beef, bacon, muenster cheese, an egg that's sunny side up, all the trimmings including lemon aioli on a house baked brioche bun lathered in guacamole. ¡Qué rico!

Ribeye tacos were next on the sampler. It's chunks of Angus steak in three tortillas coupled with caramelized onions, house made salsa and Spanish rice. This was decent. We're told it's a customer favorite.

The Farfelle scampi pasta finalized the taste tour: Shrimp, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and peas in an Italian cream cheese sauce with a plank or two of garlic bread. ¡Qué rico!

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