Two months ago today, 40 bullets targeted a man sitting inside of his car at a local convenience store.

"The people that did this, they have now tasted blood. They have now tasted and felt that adrenaline of what it feels like to kill. That's what I want to stop," Katrina Ornelas said. "The east side deserves to be safe."

Why Ornelas's husband, 41-year-old Nicholas Ciarrocchi, was targeted remains a mystery.

"What murdered my husband was anger, hate, and fear," Ornelas said.

It's a new normal for Reverend Ornelas: Living without the love of her life.

"Nick always made us laugh even when we didn't think we could laugh," she said. "Even at the viewing, everyone was able to remember the joy."

Just after midnight on June 3, police found Ciarrocchi dead outside the MLK Food Mart off Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive near Bellinger Street.

Ciarrocchi was in the driver's seat, shot multiple times.

Ornelas found out when she saw her blue car on the morning news.

"I knew that was my husband who had been brutally murdered with 30 to 40 bullets," Ornelas said.

It wasn't unusual for Ciarrocchi to be out at night.

"Both he and I, sometimes we would leave our home in the middle of the night," Ornelas said. "I, as a hospice chaplain. He, maybe if he ran out of cigarettes."

He stayed out of trouble, she says. No drugs. He was a hard worker and a man of God.

Ornelas says the handyman had a hard childhood.

He was abused and survived living under a bridge on the streets of Philadelphia.

"So, once he and I met, that unconditional love that he and I shared, there are no words to describe that," Ornelas said.

Neither Ornelas nor police know why Ciarrocchi was murdered.

"I am the type of person that if I do not know something, I will go and find out," Ornelas said. "With this one, my hands are pretty much tied. I am at the mercy of law enforcement and I'm at the mercy of the citizens of San Antonio."

She hopes someone will come forward and she is also praying for the murderers. As a reverend at the Center for Practical Spirituality (C4PS.ORG), she wants them to stop the violence and find salvation.

"My husband got it, so he's resting in peace, but the murderers have not," Ornelas said. "That's where my heart is broken because they're screaming for love."

Police say a black truck was spotted leaving the scene of the MLK Food Mart after the shooting.

If you have any information on this case, call 224-STOP. You will remain anonymous.