Margie Salinas still hopes for closure, almost 11 years after her daughter Diedra Salinas' body was finally found.

The body wasn't discovered until 7 years after she was reported missing.

“My daughter went missing in ’99,” Salinas said.

She was found buried in her backyard and no one has been charged with her death,” Salinas said. “There’s other parents of murdered children,”

She's talking about the countless number of other victims who joined her on the steps of the courthouse as they kicked off National Crime Victims' Rights Week with District Attorney Nico LaHood and more than 30 local advocacy groups.

“We seek to help them build their lives and restore hope that they lost due to their tragedy,” District Attorney Nico LaHood said.

This year's theme is ‘Strength – Resilience – Justice’

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus even announced his department is stepping up when it comes to victim services.

“Victims are our number one priority and we are even looking at a new technology to institute within the city,” McManus said.

The D.A. was not only compassionate but empathetic as he testified about being a victim as well.

In 1996 LaHood lost his own brother to murder.

“I helped them load my brother’s body,” LaHood said. “And wash his blood off of my dad’s driveway."

As for Salinas, she's pleading for the public to help her and others close the book on the crimes that broke their hearts.

“Pease if anyone has information come forward,” Salinas said.

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