San Antonio Police Chief William McManus was pleased to announce they had arrested the man they believe killed Detective Benjamin Marconi Sunday. At a press conference, McManus made sure to note they still know a motive and the investigation is ongoing.

About two hours after McManus made the announcement, Eyewitness News was there as police were towing away the vehicle belonging to Otis McKane. It was the same Mitsubishi Gallant SAPD said the suspect was driving before and after Marconi was killed.

Eyewitness News confirmed the vehicle is registered to McKane. The FBI helped to enhance surveillance images. The special agent in charge of the San Antonio Division, Christopher Combs, spoke with Eyewitness News about the amount of work that went into helping SAPD.

"We were able to put 100 people into San Antonio police headquarters to start working leads for them. Also, there were leads from outside the area, so we had FBI around the country working leads and then we had assets back in Quantico working on video enhancements and some other things to try and identify the subject," said Combs.

The vehicle was found in the 1900 block of West Poplar on the city’s west side. Less than half a mile away in the 1200 block of Lombrano, police were also searching for evidence at a residence believed to be where McKane was living.

"If someone's brazen enough to shoot a police officer in a cruiser, then he would kill anybody. So to get this guy off the street is not just a benefit to law enforcement, but it's a benefit to everybody in San Antonio," said Combs.