As the number of high profile people accused of sexual harassment grows, so does the discussion about this type of behavior in the workplace.

In the past ten days, CBS News and NBC News have fired Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer respectively over sexual harassment allegations.

"I think it's probably happening more than most people think that it is or had thought that it was," said Rodney Klein with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC says 70% of people who are subjected to illegal harassment never report it.

"I think the number one reason for that is the fear of retaliation either being retaliated against by the individual who is doing the harassing or retaliated against by their employer," Klein said.

The EEOC scan investigate those discrimination claims too. They say harassment in the workplace is illegal. You can report it to your manager, human resources or to a local EEOC office where they investigate and enforce civil laws.

"If someone is doing something to you that you're not comfortable with at work and it's of a sexual nature, if they know that that is uncomfortable to you and they continue to do it then that can constitute sexual harassment," Klein said.

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