The City Council of San Antonio voted in favor of the relocation of the Confederate Memorial in Travis Park Thursday afternoon.

The vote passed 10 to one with District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry voting against the ordinance to authorize the removal and storage of the monument.

The vote was taken after numerous comments from the public and statements by each council person and Mayor Nirenberg.

"It would be a monumental miscalculation to underestimate the moment that we are in today," Mayor Nirenberg said during his brief remarks before the vote. "The opportunity we have as a city, as a country, to write the next chapter of our story."

The Mayor continued by saying "the monument glorifies a lost cause that this city fundamentally rejects today, just as it did in 1861."

Councilman Perry made a motion to delay the vote "to allow for the entire process, including the Historic and Design Review Commission, to occur, and for the City Council to receive a full briefing to vet all the details of the item in a B session."

"I can understand the reasons to remove this monument," Councilman Perry said. "But I do not understand and I do not agree with circumventing all of our processes to do this without getting the right input to the city, and helping me make a decision based on community input through the comities that we have established."

The vote on the secondary motion to delay made by Councilman Perry and seconded by Councilman Brockhouse was taken but was denied by a vote of two for and nine against.

"I ask you, can we not honor those who died without glorifying their cause? Can a modern city like ours?" Mayor Nirenberg asked during his remarks. “Yes, we can. The march to social justice is taken one step at a time and it is taken here in San Antonio.”