SAN ANTONIO -- A 6-year-old girl who was supposed to be dropped off by her school bus never made it home in the afternoon.

Lanaya Delgado attends Steubing Ranch Elementary School. Her grandmother, Sherry Summers, said when the girl didn't show up at her home, she immediately contacted the school. Summers said school officials didn't know where the girl might have gone and the family searched around the elementary school for several hours.

Lanaya was eventually located at Love Gymnastics, after school employees called after-care facilities.

"Didn't know if someone picked her up, wanted to do something to her. She's only 6 years old. She don't know her phone number, she don't know her address or the name of the apartment where she lived. We had everything running through our mind," said Summers.

NEISD investigated what happened to Lanaya. A spokeswoman said the girl was waiting for her bus when a friend invited her to come to a different bus and she ended up at the gymnastics facility.

The spokeswoman said there are teachers with the children by the buses at the school but did not say why anyone didn't notice Lanaya leave. The principal plans to ask the gym to require a head count of the kids boarding their bus to prevent it from happening again.

EyeWitness News reached out to Love Gymnastics but did not hear back in time for the story.