SAN ANTONIO - A frightening and exhausting search ends with good news Thursday morning after police find a child who had been missing for 10 hours.

Investigators said the 12-year-old didn't get on his school bus because he reportedly had some issues at school on Wednesday.

Ten hours later around midnight, San Antonio police found the boy at Culebra Road and Galm Road about eight miles from the school.

An alert was sent out that he didn't get on his bus Wednesday afternoon on the phone app called Neighborhood.

Homeowners in the Villages of Westcreek rallied together to search for the missing boy immediately.

Upwards of 60 volunteers split up into teams of 17 to find the 12-year-old on the city’s west side.

Of course, when news of the boy being found came Thursday morning everyone was elated.

"You know this means a lot to know that you are a part of a community that'll come together like this in the middle of the night, leaving their families at home and come out to help find somebody else's child to make sure they make it home safe," said Richard Gentry a Village of Westcreek resident.

The Bexar County Sheriff's office was the lead agency in the search with the county Constables Office and SAPD assisting.